member off the Bomfuncking mc's.

I didn't thought my friend was a dj??? he isn't an mc but he's a fucking great welder. thx man!!!

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well well can't stand no black tainted humor guys??

knew it...

Gepost door: me, myself and Irene | 09-01-06

what the f****!!!!! I can stand black humor!!! but I don't undertstand why you put you're bullshit on my site!! keep it for you're self.
I'm here to let everybody know what I'm doing and how the restoration of my bus progresses.
this is a site to make friends, not the opposit!!!!!
if it's something personal, you better talk to me!!!!

Gepost door: nosecone | 10-01-06

yeah This is how everything should be, making friends (they could be black) and admiring eachothers work!!
Peace out dudezzzzzzzzz

Gepost door: b74 | 18-01-06

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